VanZandt's Safety Culture

Our number one priority is that every employee works safely at all times. We expect each employee to go home each night to their families in the same condition as when they arrived. Each employee at VanZandt Controls is expected to take a leadership role and ensure that each employee is working safe regardless of where they are working. Working safe is an integral part of the culture at VanZandt Controls and we have achieved our success because of our employee’s focus and their attitude toward working safe. Our goal is to complete each task, each day, incident free.  Every member of our team has both the right, responsibility and most importantly, the obligation to stop any activity that could put anyone at undue risk. We have partnered with Lonestar USA Safety & Training and ISNetworld to ensure all of our safety Practices are the best in the industry and all of our employees are trained by the best trainers in the industry.

We start with having each operational employee attend the SafeLand Training 8-hour course before being allowed to work. We continue by training all of VanZandt Employees on a wide range of safety topics, including hazard communication, personal protective equipment, confined spaces, electrical safety, lockout-tagout, back and lifting safety, hazardous waste response, heat stress, hand and tool safety, forklift certification, driving safely, and many more.

We utilize the following to ensure customer compliance:

  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Safety Training Classes
  • Safety Compliance and Best Practices
  • Monthly Facility Inspections

We will conduct all aspects of our business with honesty and Integrity.  We don’t just want to build a business, but be proud of how we built our business.  Customers, employees, vendors and shareholders can expect transparency and integrity in all dealings with our team.

We focus on providing outstanding quality in every product that leaves any of our facilities and also the quality of our processes, the quality and professionalism of our employees and the level of professionalism with which we conduct our business.

We constantly strive to meet or exceed our Customer’s expectations in all areas of service. Customers can expect customer service that is proactive and extraordinary; including “best in class” on-time delivery, outstanding field service, parts support, sales service and the swift and fair resolution of problems.

Our goal is to consistently provide the best long-term value to our customers. We accomplish this through helping our customers solve problems, reducing their long-term operating costs, and increasing their revenues.

Proactive internal and external communication may be the single most important element distinguishing good companies from great companies. Strong lines of communication are required between all departments within our organization, with our vendors, and with our customers.  Our customers can expect proactive, professional communication at all stages of the sale & project process. 

On an individual level, Attitude is everything. On a company level, teamwork is everything. We will succeed as a team or we will fail as a team. Our employee’s ability to work in a team environment determines their level of success with VanZandt.