• Emergency & Shutdown Automated Valves

  • Automated Valves for Suction Control, Backpressure, Recycle & Pressure Control

  • Crude Oil and Gas Measurement & Gas Sampling

  • Temperature, Pressure & Tank Level Instrumentation

Flow Measurement

  • Large Inventory of IN STOCK Meters – Ultrasonic Clamp-on, Mag, Coriolis, Wedge, Turbine, Insertion, & Vee Cone

  • Our new ultrasonic meter is quickly becoming the Industry  standard for produced water measurement; accuracy is consistently within 1%, with one model that adheres to the outside of pipe 2” to 24” and no maintenance (no internal parts to clog or wear)

Automated Valves

  • THE INDUSTRY CHOICE for automated valves up to 18 inch diameter – for oil, natural gas, chemical or water applications

  • Actuators IN STOCK – including Electric, Pneumatic, Electro-Hydraulic, & High Pressure Gas ; coupled with THE right valve type and model for your application

  • Control Valves (New and Re-Manufactured)

  • Full line Valve Automation Shops with In-House Machine shops for “Best in Class” deliveries


  • Stocking distributor for all the key instrumentation and components your construction or I&E team could need for a valve automation or flow measurement project – ranging from the industry’s safest stainless steel tubing /pipe fitting design to gauges, sensors, transmitters, regulators, tuning forks, instrument valves (gauge, solenoid, needle, etc) all the way to heat trace & industrial batteries